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Plywood for laser cut

General informations

Offered plywood is manufactured from the highest quality birch wood. Used in the production process special adhesive is resistant to laser, veneers are very carefully selected in terms of allowable defects. Plywood can be additionally: painted, varnished or covered with phenolic film.

Gluing classes

Plywood is glued with phenolic or melaminic resin adhesive that meets the following standards:

  • BS 6566 Part 8/type MR
  • EN 717 Part 2 class E1


Thickness (mm): 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24


Sizes (mm): 1220x2440, 2440x1220, 1250x2500, 2500x1250, 1500x2500, 1500x3000, 1525x3050, 1250x2230, 1500x2230


  • plotter production
  • poligraphy
  • furniture
  • toys

Indoors use.