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Poplar shuttering plywood

Poplar shuttering plywood

Poplar shuttering plywood is imported directly from the People’s Republic of China from proven, licensed suppliers. Long-term cooperation with the same supplier guarantees the highest quality and attractive prices.
Poplar shuttering plywood consists of poplar wood veneers with arranged crosswise wood grains. It is characterized by low weight and an excellent alternative for the price of birch plywood.

Panel sizes (mm)

1250×2500, 1220×2440

Thicknesses (mm)

Thicknesses 21 mm is standard. For special request also available:
4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 24, 27 mm


Raw plywood in class C+/C
Plywood surface is covered with black (optional brown) phenolic film. Its density is 170gr/m2. The edges of the plywood are additionally secured with acrylic paint, which prevents the penetration of moisture.

Technical parameters

Density – 550 kg
Humidity – 8-12%


Raw plywood is used mainly for packaging industry.
Poplar shuttering plywood is used mainly for: shuttering and during prefabricates production.